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Comments by Ellen Ott Marshall, Claremont School of Theology, on Rev. John Blackwell's The Noonday Demon: Recognizing and Conquering the Deadly Sin of Sloth

In one of the essays included in The Noonday Demon, John Blackwell describes the reaction of British colleagues to his work on sloth. “Without exception,” he explains, “my inquirer expressed surprise. ‘It seems like a strange book for an American to write. You Americans are so busy. Your lives are filled with activity.” Dr. Blackwell then draws on the work of Dorothy Sayers to distinguish between sloth and idleness. Sloth is not just a lack of activity. more

Review by Karen Clark Ristine, The San Diego Union Tribune, May 16, 2004

Committed any deadly sins lately? Gluttony? Lust? Avarice? Pride? Envy? Wrath? For most, the answer is probably yes to all of the above. But what about sloth?

Of the deadly sins first identified by a 4th-century monk and later modified by a 6th-century pope, sloth might be the one transgression most people think they can easily dismiss. God only knows how busy we are. In the lives of most 21st-century Americans, there's hardly time for leisure, much less sloth. more


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