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Years ago, John Blackwell became interested in human transformation.  How do we rise to the full stature of our humanity? How can we change and grow as people? At the heart of transformation is reflection, where we look carefully at our own circumstances, compare them to important ideas, and decide on changes and new direction.  The result of Blackwell's labors are a series of books which he wrote. The books led to a radio program called Reflections, currently being put on cd.

Each day, John Blackwell presents one of his Reflections on KSAL, a radio station here in Salina, Kansas. Reflections for Life will gladly email you one or two printed Reflections free of charge. In addition, we will post individual Reflections on this webpage.


Reflections is a short book with a tall agenda: to serve you bite-size ideas that will nourish your soul. Each of these Reflections is a timeless lesson from ordinary experience. In a mere one hundred short pages, you will find wisdom, beauty, goodness, and hope. Reflections will clear your head and show you the next step on your journey. You can read it in one sitting, or you can savor it one page at a time. The choice is yours.

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Reflections -- Moments of Motivation

One year ago, Bob Protzman and Ken Jennison, of KSAL in Salina, Kansas, invited me to offer a one minute reflection each day on the radio. People enjoyed Reflections enough that they began calling and asking if they could have them on a CD. We now have the first 45. We would like to offer the CD to you. Each Reflection lasts for one minute. Each will give you a thought-provoking story to ponder as you drive to work or go about your day. The purpose of these Reflections is to delight, to inspire, and to give insight.

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Proceeds from all book sales go toward scholarships for college students.

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A Whole New World: The Gospel of Mark: The second book in John Blackwell's highly acclaimed series on the Gospels!

How do I recognize the presence of God? How do I recognize God’s power? How can my life become satisfying and fulfilling? These are the questions John Blackwell answers in A Whole New World—The Gospel of Mark.

Read this book and you will be able to understand and enjoy the Gospel of Mark on your own. You will also learn how to live a life that is deeply satisfying and richly rewarding. Your insight into Christ will be more authentic. You will not only grow as a human being, but also your life will be transformed. You will learn how to see the presence and power of God in the world—each and every moment of your life.

A Whole New World provides penetrating insights into the world of transformation. It will revolutionize your understanding of the presence of God.

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A Whole New World: The Gospel of John: The first book in John Blackwell's new series!

What makes life worth living? How do we develop relationships? What does the power of God look like? How does God transform our lives? These are the kinds of questions that the Gospel of John deals with. More than any other Gospel writer, John recognized that the life of Christ brings all of creation to fulfillment, creating a whole new world.

The Gospel of John is also about relationships--the kind that last, the kind that bring deep satisfaction.

In A Whole New World, John Blackwell shows how our lives and our relationships can embody the love of God right where we are.

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* Proceeds from all book sales go toward scholarships for college students.

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John Blackwell, Ph.D., is Dean of the Chapel at Kansas Wesleyan University, where he also teaches in the departments of Religion and Philosophy and English. John is a celebrated author, a retreat leader for people of all ages, and a speaker at numerous conferences. In 2006 John was named a Fellow of St. Deiniol’s Library in Wales, Britain’s only prime ministerial library. It was founded by the Victorian statesman and four-time British Prime Minister, William Gladstone. In more than 100 years, St. Deiniol’s had named only 24 fellows. John was the fourth American to receive the fellowship. John is author of The Noonday Demon (2004), the first in his series on the Seven Deadly Sins; Pride: Identifying and Overcoming the First Deadly Sin, the second in the series (2006), both published by Crossroads Publishing in New York; A Whole New World: The Gospel of John, the first in his series on the Gospels (2006); and A Whole New World: The Gospel of Mark (2007). The Whole New World series is published by Morgan James Publishing in New York. John and his wife, Nancy, make their home in Salina, Kansas. They have two adult children, Jaime and David. E-mail John Blackwell